Today is the last day to comment on the Ministry of Finance’s referral on extending the covid 19 restrictions for online casinos until November 14 2021. The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) rejects the proposal.

– The Ministry of Finance claims that the restrictions do not constitute a threat to the Swedish gambling license market in its daily struggle against unlicensed gambling. As support, the ministry uses statistics that show that 85 percent of all gambling takes place at Swedish-licensed gambling companies. The problem is the channeling is much worse for online casinos, which is the gambling product the restriction applies to. There, the channeling is only 75 percent. Thus, every fourth online casino gaming crown leaks out of the system to the black gambling market where consumer protection is often non-existent. It is only the black gambling market that has reason to rejoice at the government’s proposal for continued restrictions for Swedish-licensed gambling companies, says Gustaf Hoffstedt.

BOS comment in its entirety