The Swedish Trade Organization for Online Gambling (BOS) today submits its opinion on the government’s proposed covid restrictions for the gaming market. The Government’s memorandum can be found here:

BOS rejects the proposals, referring to their detrimental impact on consumer protection. The BOS opinion is attached in its entirety (in a Google Translate version from Swedish, that may include semantic errors due to the automatic translation).

– There are many stakeholders in the gambling market with often diametrically different opinions. This time, however, almost everyone is united in urging the government not to impose the proposed restrictions. The restrictions are detrimental to consumer protection. This is since they make it impossible for the gaming companies to live up to the statutory duty of care. This, in turn, is because the gaming market is becoming much more fragmented with the government’s proposal. The gaming consumer will be forced to gamble with a higher number of gambling companies than before, and this makes it difficult to create a comprehensive picture of the player, including any risky behaviors. Then it will be extremely difficult to offer support and help to players with addiction tendencies, says Gustaf Hoffstedt.

Link to consultation response