Today, March 30, the winners of this year’s Swedish Gambling Award were crowned, the annual award celebrating sustainable initiatives in the Swedish gambling market. The winners in the six categories are Random State, Spelfriheten, Svenska Spel, Betsson, Kindred and Axel Lyckberg.

−We have had a rewarding and really interesting job of going through this year’s many contributions in the Swedish Gambling Award. Overall, the contributions have maintained a very high level, in the work of developing the industry in a sustainable direction. A big and well-deserved congratulations to all winning entries, says Ann-Sofie Olsson, jury chairman of the Swedish Gambling Award.

Swedish Gambling Award is arranged by Sper, the Swedish Gambling Industry Association, and Bos, the Industry Association for Online Gambling. An important purpose is to reward responsible and sustainable initiatives that have had the desired effect.

This year’s six winning entries in the Swedish Gambling Award 2022 with motivations:

SUSTAINABILITY / SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: The all-in-one solution – Random State

With new technology and scalable potential, opportunities open up for grass roots to grow – from the small association to the large organization. The category was decided on the target photo and the jury is now looking forward to following Random State and the development of their all-in-one solution. The expectations are high!


The gambling industry is taking on more and more responsibility, but one of this year’s contributions stood out in particular. This year’s winner not only relieves the symptoms, but tackles the problem. Freedom of play, with the Unblurred project, shows that their business and communication make a measurable difference for consumers. A clear winner in a tough category.


Customer satisfaction is often pursued by making the customer experience easier, faster, or more intensive. But with personal care conversations, Svenska Spel does the unexpected and calls for reflection. The contribution would of course be placed in gambling responsibility as well, but deserves to win in this category as one has had a very positive impact on customer satisfaction. As many as 80 percent who have been contacted experience it positively! Well played, Svenska Spel, well played.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION / MARKETING: Fimpen / Marketing that adds value – Betsson Group

In a world where marketing is often seen as synonymous with advertising campaigns and short-term conversion that risks driving the fatigue of advertising, Betsson chooses to create quality content where the average viewer watches for 17 minutes straight. It is obviously a long-term investment, as the series is now in its fourth year and provides value for both customers and Betsson. It creates an emotional feeling for Betsson that is more than quick wins and bonuses. The jury is impressed and hockey-clubbed them as winners.

LEADERSHIP / ORGANIZATION: The Sustainable Gambling Conference – Kindred Group

The Sustainable Gambling Conference is an annual industry conference that has been initiated and organized by Kindred to increase cooperation in the gambling industry and drive the development of the gambling responsibility issue. Through this conference, Kindred has created a meeting place for the gambling industry to discuss common current issues. The initiative is highly appreciated in the gambling industry and we look forward to a continued lively and developed meeting place

LEADERSHIP/PERSON: Axel Lyckberg – Playscan AB

Axel Lyckberg really makes a difference. He possesses a unique combination of skills through his knowledge of psychology and data analysis. He is constantly working to find indicators that make it easier for the gambling industry to prevent gambling problems. Through his genuinely burning interest and commitment to gambling problems, he finds solutions based on facts. Axel has a high level of integrity and thus a high level of credibility in pursuing gambling responsibility issues. We see you Axel and what you have achieved so far in the industry. We look forward to you continuing to push the issue of gambling responsibility to new insights.

The six winning entries were honored at a digital award ceremony that can be found here.

The year the jury consists of: Hanna Riberdahl, CEO of vd Sveriges Annonsörer, Magnus Berglund, CEO Kinglet, Anna Berggren, leadership consultant, Leif Almgren, senior gambling consultant, Mats Georgson, CEO Georgson & Co, Maria Kausits, analyst and partner SB Insight and Ann-Sofie Olsson, Management consultant and chairman of the competition.